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Horizons Palliative Care


Horizons Palliative Care focuses on improving quality of life through the prevention and relief of suffering in patients with advanced illness. It is a consult service (offered Monday through Friday) and is not intended to replace the patient’s primary care physician.

For more information about Horizons Palliative Care, call (919) 828-0890 or Contact Us.



While eligibility to Hospice is restricted to a terminal diagnosis, that is not the case with Palliative Care.

Palliative Care may be appropriate for any individual:

  • Diagnosed with any advanced illness
  • Undergoing curative therapies
  • Interested in remaining as active and comfortable as possible
  • Desiring additional support to cope with advanced illness

Patients are eligible to receive palliative care
consultations from our physicians and nurse practitioners to address unresolved symptoms or for end-of-life decision making. This service is available to patients living at home, assisted living facilities and skilled nursing homes. This service can be requested for patients who are not eligible to receive hospice services in a skilled facility due to their payor source.



  • Comprehensive assessment of patients to establish goals of care which are based on patient and family values and priorities.
  • Follow up visits on an ongoing basis to meet goals of care.
  • Recommendations for symptom management to control pain, nausea, anxiety, etc.


Palliative care services are covered by Medicare Part B, Medicaid, and most private insurance companies.

Every individual deserves the quality of life that he or she wants near life's end. Although we receive reimbursement from Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance, no family is ever denied the care they request due to lack of payor source.



Referrals are accepted 7 days a week, 24 hours a day:

To make a referral to any of our services, please call our Access Department at 919-828-0890, Monday – Friday, 8am to 6pm. This number can also be called for evening and weekend referrals. Click here for access to referral forms.


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